Martyr Salem

Salem wife said:

Our story began when we were displaced from Alziabyeh community fearing for our lives from the regime where a sniper bullet was waiting for my husband while he was going to the grocery to get some items. He died on april 30, 2015 and left me with 5 children with no supporter but god. My daughter Shahed left school as we don’t afford to buy stationary and books, we were deprived from our basic needs. We spend the winter burning plastic and old clothes to warm ourselves, and sometimes we have nothing to burn so we sleep with our bones shivering from cold.

Now that Ghiras Al-Nahda sponsered my children, I can get them what they need of clothes, food, and school needs. I registered my son yousef at kinderkarten while Shahed and sham continue their education after 2 years out of school, my daughter Haneen stays home with me as she is too young for school, Our Home is now warm thanks to Ghiras Al-Nahda support god bless them.