Emergency Campaigns

Emergency Campaigns

Ghiras Al-Nahda organization has been working on several campaigns annually to support specific sectors during emergencies in Syria in the past eight years.

Our emergency response to the dire needs in areas that are exposed to humanitarian disasters as a result of bombing or displacement, or those that are exposed to severe emergency weather conditions.

Below some of the campaigns we did since 2011

Emergency Campaigns

A loaf of bread

Due to the difficult humanitarian situation in northern Syria, and people’s inability to secure their daily living, we lunched (Even a loaf of bread) campaign to help the people in Nothern Syria even with a loaf of bread. 

You can help secure a daily pack of bread for a family of 5 members with 20$ for one month

Emergency Campaigns

Sakan ou Dafa 2019

The campaign aims to respond to the forced displacement in Marat Al-Nouman and surrounding communities by distributing cooked meals and provide small scale rehabilitation for families who live in bad shelters. The campaign is in partnership with BINAA organization for Development. 

The campaign started toward the end of 2019 and continued till March 2020, during which it distributed 16900 cooked meals for 1400 households and did small repairs for doors and windows for 1028 households.

The campaign was carried out in Idleb, Ariha, Maar Tamsreen, Nothern Idleb countryside

Campaign video
Emergency Campaigns

Emergency Response to displacement in southern Rif Idleb and Northern Rif Hama 2019

The emergency response to the newly displaced people from southern Idleb in August through the distribution of cooked meals which cover a family of 5 for two days.

2500 people benefited from the project in Idleb , Ariha, and Sarmada

Emergency Campaigns

Bread distribution in Arsal Camps 2019

Roads are blocked, Snow is falling, and wind is blowing strong..Refugees in the camps are cold and hungry with no access to bakeries.

Ghiras Al-Nahda team went tent to tent to deliver bread to them

Emergency Campaigns

Zamaluni 2019

On the initiative and cooperation of Sham Schools, with the aim of inculcating the values ​​of participation, helping others and feeling their tragedies, and appreciating the blessings of God through helping our families in the camps by donating money and winter clothes. Ghiras Al-Nahda team accompanied us to visit Al-Ihsan School in the Syrian north camps where we handed over all contributions to the school administration so they in their turn distribute it to the students. Our students distributed a small gift to their brothers in the school and exchanged friendly expressions.

The number of the contributers in the campaign was 175 students and staff of Al-Sham Model School, and the number of beneficiaries reached 490 children from Al-Ihsan School in Atma camp.

322 pieces of clothing ,19 winter jacket , 2 blankets, 2 shoes and 225$ were distributed 

Emergency Campaigns

Hat and Coat 2019

Because the cold blue hands are not meant for their small hands .. Ghiras Al-Nahda and under their campaign (Hat and Coat) reached a school in Northern Syria to deliver Heating fuel and devices, in addition to scarfs, hats and coats. 

Emergency Campaigns

Give Health, Give Life 2019

Because a healthy life is a human right, and because our goal is to improve their living conditions, Ghiras Al-Nahda in corporation with CanDo launched (Give health, Give life) campaign in several camps in Northern Syria to distribute more than 800 health kits for families there.

Emergency Campaigns

Frozen Feet 2018

Children walking to their school, a scene that might look familiar, but if you looked down to these crowded steps walking toward school gate, you will see what’s not familiar, you will see their torn shoes, worn slippers … or even completely barefoot in the cold winter and frost. A pair of shoes to warm feet might be a normal thing for some, and a wish for others. Therefore, Ghiras Al-Nahda in Winter 2018 launched (Frozen Feet) Campaign to provide 5000 shoes for school children and children in the nearby camps.

Emergency Campaigns

Be of help 2018

On February 18, 2018 the Syrian regime forces launched a violent military campaign against the besieged cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta using various types of weapons, including internationally prohibited weapons in order to eliminate opposition forces in these areas and drag them into forced displacement negotiations as they did in other areas before such as Aleppo, Daraya, Homs, Al-Waar, Khan Al-Sheeh, Beit Jann, Al-Zabadani and Madaya.

On March 23, 2018, the Syrian regime succeeded in signing an agreement to displace those who don’t want to settle to Idleb governorate. An influx of displaced people started moving from Ghouta toward Harasta and Erbeen. 

The caravans arrived at Al-Madeek Castle (point zero), where the displaced people were received and provided with primary services, then moved to temporary collective centers or to rented apartment and relatives houses. 

Ghiras Al-Nahda launched a relief campaign to respond to the displaced families needs, where Ghiras team helped receiving families at point zero and distributed hospitality baskets for arrivals, and held a group lunch in Marat Alnouman mosque honoring the arrivals from eastern Ghouta, and distributed cooked meals for their wounded in the national hospital. in addition to distributed food baskets for 615 families which will cover their food need for a month. and finally, 120 houses were prepared and occupied. 

Emergency Campaigns

Madaya, Zabadani and Bakin 2017

As soon as the evacuation of pro-opposition crowds and families in Madaya and Zabadani in Damascus countryside started, people turned toward Maar Tamasreen carrying nothing but a lot of pain and some clothes and food that will not suffice for a few days. 

About 3,000 people were displaced to Idlib governorate, 75 of whom were in dire need of medical treatment, including 25 wounded.

Ghiras Al-Nahda lunched a relief campaign for these displaced people to provide them with some urgent needs and distributed food baskets for 612 IDPs.


Emergency Campaigns

Siege Bread Loaf 2017

When the siege crisis intensified in Eastern Ghouta, the prices of food items increased dramatically, especially “bread”, the daily staple food for Syrians as one bundle price reached 1000 SP, which is equivalent to $ 2. 

Ghiras Al-Nahda lunched (Siege Bread Loaf) campagin to secure bread for our families in Ghouta and was able to secure a daily 500 bread bundles for 15 days. 


Emergency Campaigns

Khan Shaikhun Emergency Campaign 2017

The plane took off headed towards its destination .. Khan Sheikhoun in nothern Syrian and threw its cargo of chemical weapons to take the lives of more than one hundred martyrs and injure hundreds other, marking one of the most horrific massacres in the modern history. A massacre that strangled us behind the screens as we watch it strangling them, forcing more than 400 families to displace from the city toward nieghboring towns in Idleb. 

Thats why we lunched an emergency relief campaign for these families to provide them with food and hygiene items. 2025 IDPs benefited from this campaign in Khan Shaikhun.