Tariq Residential Complex

Tariq Residential Complex is a housing development project to house our most vulnerable displaced persons in northern Syria, and to contribute to the gradual disposal of the camps.

  • • The complex consists of 6 storey residential buildings built according to certain standards and specifications.
  • • The total number of residential apartments is 186.
  • • Sewage networks, drinking water networks, water supply systems, and electrical grids are installed in the complex.
  • • Each building consists of 4 floors, and on each floor; the ground floor consists of 7 apartments + 2 shops, and each of the remaining 3 floors consists of 8 connected apartments.
  • • The complex includes all service buildings (mosque and school)
  • • The total number of families is 186, equivalent to 1116 people on average.
  • • The area of one residential apartment is about 60 meters, comprising of two rooms, kitchen and utilities.
  • • The complex is equipped with green spaces (public park).

Who is Tariq?

Tariq Abu Anas was one of the founders of Ghiras AlNahda, and a member of its team. He was the NGO’s office Manager in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus. He was a person with high determination in humanitarian work, and he had a wonderful personality, and was loved by everyone who had worked with. He was keen on the dignity of the people he helped and considered it above any consideration. He martyred in an air raid during the last attack on Eastern Ghouta in 2018,while he was trying to deliver bread to the basements where residents sheltered from the bombing. He sacrificed himself for his people, that’s why we named the new complex after him in honor of his memory and his good impact.

Apartment Conditions:

  • 1- The residential apartment was designed according to the requirements of the Syrian family consisting of 5 to 6 people, with an area of approximately 60 square meters.
  • It mainly contains two rooms, a separate bathroom , a kitchen, in addition to a restroom.
  • 2- The residential apartment is connected with seven other apartments, so that the floor consists of eight apartments with independent entrances, in order to facilitate distribution and to be able to offer more apartments. This can also contribute to saving the costs of cladding works. This agglomeration also constitutes thermal insulation in summer and winter due to the lack of external spaces exposed to heat and cold.
  • 3- The building was designed to consist of 4 floors, with a construction height of 3.3 m per floor, topped by a tower with a height of 1 m.
  • 4- The building contains a concrete staircase to access the floors, with a metal staircase designed to reach the roof for maintenance purposes, as a precautionary measure not to expand vertically in the future when leaving the project.

Apartment Cost

The value of one residential apartment, according to the architectural design details, is about $5,400 per apartment with full interior cladding. The value is feasible in terms of sustainability, as the solution is considered sustainable for more than 25 years, in addition to other advantages in terms of privacy, protection, preservation of dignity, and rebuilding the community structure.

The price of each apartment has been divided into 20 shares to make the donation process easier, as the value of one share is $270. It is also possible

to donate any amount, no matter how small it is.

مجمع طارق السكني | Tarek Residential Complex

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