Who We Are

Ghiras Al-Nahda is a Nonprofit Non-governmental humanitarian organization working to empower people through fulfilling their basic needs and seeking to improve community stability and resilience. 

Ghiras Al-Nahda started its humanitarian efforts in October 2011 via a team of volunteers, it was legally registered in United States of America on November 6, 2020, under: GHIRAS ALNAHDA US NFP

Registration No: CP 575 E


Shelter and NFI

House Rehabilitation, Fuel and Wood Distribution, Financial Support, NFI Kits Distribution

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Early Recovery

Capacity building, Job opportunities, Knitting projects, Vegetables drying projects 

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Food Security & Livelihood

Agricultural and Livestock Programs, Livelihood programs, Food Baskets Distirbution, Bread and meat distirbution

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Financial Sponsorship, Child Protection Services, Safety and Security Equipment, Back to School Campaigns, Women Empowerment and GBV

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Teachers incentives, Meals for students, School Rehabilitation, Protections, Stationary, Psychosocial support

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which aims to support children who lost the family supporter morally and financially, by providing monthly financial support

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Transparency is a prerequisite for accountability, and Ghiras is always aiming at making information about the work we do more accessible and visible.

Anti-corruption stand

Ghiras Al-Nahda takes a firm position against corruption in any form, and actively works to prevent, avoid and detect all forms of corruption. Ghiras employees must commit to a zero tolerance and are not allowed to provide for, request or receive anything that can be defined as corruption.


Ghiras Al-Nahda is committed to being accountable to all stakeholders. We ensure that the details on how we work, and where our funds go, are accessible and visible.

It is important for us to be open and transparent towards the displaced people we assist, our staff, the host authorities where we work, the donors supporting our work – and the general public. That’s why we have adopted an open information policy, We strive towards the highest standards of openness.

In the cases where we do not disclose information, it is based on well-founded reasons such as the safety and privacy of stakeholders, or our ability to deliver aid

Why Ghiras Al-Nahda?

  • Access: We started from the heart of Syria, a Syrian youth with a sense of the suffering of the people of their country and proud to be of their service .. We implement our projects through our field team to reach the people most in need in the best way possible.
  • Ihsan and perfection: They are one of the most prominent values ​​of Ghiras Al-Nahda, which we strive to achieve from the moment we receive your donations to the moment we deliver those donations in the best quality possible and documenting the process in an optimal way.
  • Honesty: Because we feel the beneficiaries and their needs and we appreciate the donor’s eagerness, your donations are safe in our hands, and we deliver them with care.
  • Dignity: Human dignity is a high priority in Ghiras Al-Nahda, which we strive for at every step in our work.
  • Trust: a relationship based on trust and appreciation is between us and donors. We have gained this trust after years of hard work from establishment until today, in addition to the relationship between us and the people of our country from the beneficiaries, which is based on trust, affection, and respect.

Our Impact

Since its founding in 2011, Ghiras Al-Nahda works to have its distinctive mark and added value. Ghiras Al-Nahda put beneficiaries’ dignity above all considerations and strive to take Syrian hand by providing job opportunities and supporting development projects and scientific research and educational projects, so that people in Syria know that we are there for them, working to serve them with nothing in return. When providing relief aid, perfection and Ihsan is the core belief of every Ghiras Al-Nahda team member, alongside product quality, documentation, and presentation.

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