Rama Residential Complex

Long months of efforts made by our teams to finish building and equipping the housing units in the Rama residential complex, as these efforts accelerated further during the harsh storm days that hit northern Syria in February 2022, till we finally concluded these efforts with the completion of all works for the complex and announced that its ready to receive its residents, we terminated the suffering of 50 families, and we decreased 50 tents in northern Syria, and we will continue to do so till the end of the camp crisis in northern Syria.

After years of displacement and living in a dilapidated tent in cold nights and hot days, settling a house might have become just a distant dream for a lot of Syrians.
Therefore, in cooperation with BINAA organization, Ghiras Al-Nahda has launched Rama residential complex project as part of the winter campaign 8. The project aims to achieve hope for a Syrian family to live in a house in northern Syria so that their new year begins with a dream that becomes a reality. The greatest gift for the displaced families, who have been living in a tent for years, is to offer cozy houses for them that might give them feel warm. Actually, through this project, we aim to deliver a message to our brothers & sisters in Syria that year 2021 might be better for you and for all humanity, hope so.

Who is Rama: Rama is one of the Syrian activists in humanitarian work and she has been missing for seven years. Unfortunately, her fate is still unknown up to this day,so we felt that we have to honor her and keep her memory alive in our hearts. Since everyone who believes in the Syrian cause and humanitarian work, in general, should remember her sincerity and high concern, this complex is given this name (Rama).

Characteristics of the complex and other details

  • Each house consists of two rooms with utilities (bathrooms and kitchens independently), sufficient for a family of five, with an area of 42 square meters, which will be directly ready for housing.
  • The roof of the house is made of concrete (cement, not tuber or nylon). The house is equipped with basic electrical installations, water, and integrated sewage.
  • Good space between the houses to enable children to play in addition to a big park in the middle of the complex.
  • The floor of the complex will be furnished with gravel to prevent mud from forming. The complex is also equipped with sanitation services to prevent floods due to heavy rain in winter.


Ghiras Al-Nahda| Moving families to Rama Residential Complex