Ghiras Al-Nahda Under Shelter sector seeks to secure basic necessities of life for both displaced people and host community by rehabilitating their homes and providing them with their need of NFIs including furniture, Kitchen kits, Hygiene kits, in addition to stoves and heating fuel. 

Below some of our Shelter and NFI projects since 2011

Clothes Distribution
Home Rehabilitation
Health kits Distribution
Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Fuel and Wood and Stove distribution

Emergency Response for Newly displaced through MPGs

Rapid response for 4375 vulnerable IDP families which were displaced in the past few months due to the constant violence in North West Syria in Afrine, Azzaz and Fars and Alsalameh in order to help them cope with the harsh circumstance and secure their needs with dignity through one time Multipurpose grant of 120 USD for each family (in accordance to CWG recommendations). The project was designed to give enough amount for beneficiaries to cover their basic needs of none food items (winter, rent, etc ..). The cash modality give the beneficiaries more flexibility and freedom to choose the items they need and give the project more flexibility to respond to beneficiaries’ changing needs.


Fuel and Stoves Distribution using E-vouchers

Fuel and Stoves Distribution through E-Voucher
The project distributed a stove for each household with 6 Fuel vouchers for 3 months, each voucher top-up is 30$
Project locations Sarmada and Dana in Idleb Governorate
Total fund: 322,350$
Total number of beneficiaries by the end of 2019 reached 10,000 beneficiaries, the process was monitored and documented through E-voucher system

  • 10000 Beneficiaries

Partner: OCHA


NFI and Hygiene Kits Distribution

Project locations included: Afrine – northern Aleppo countryside and Sarmada and Dana in northern Idleb countryside. 

Kit Value: 190$

Kit Content: Kitchen tools, Carpet, Blankets, Mattresses, Hygiene Kit, Baby Diapers. 

2650 Households received the kits. 

Partner: IOM


Clothes Distribution using E-vouchers

Considering the IDPs many needs in Eastern Ghouta including Clothes (for all family members) and the wide range of age, gender, and preference, Ghiras Al-Nahda in 2018 distributed clothes in Idleb and Maart Alnouman using vouchers that can be used in clothing and shoes shop. Each beneficiary has a balance which is set based on age and gender (according the registration and verification data). The goal was to provide clothes and shoes to 2000 IDP beneficiaries in Eastern Ghouta to ease their suffering.

  • 2000 Beneficiaries

Coal and Stove Distribution Project 2017

The project aimed to distribute coal and stove for one month to beneficiaries in several areas in Nothern Syria and Atmeh camp in addition to three areas in Western Aleppo as an emergency response to IDPs there.

Partner: Global Communities


Heating Fuel Distribution in Rif Damascus

Funded by humanitarian Fund, fuel and wood were distributed for 2300 beneficiaries for 4 months to be used for heating and cooking purposes in Eastern Ghouta during Winter 2016-2017. The Fuel and wood were purchases locally in eastern Ghouta, even though wood is available in the area, still, Ghiras Al-Nahda distributed fuel too in order to preserve trees and nature as much as possible.

  • 2300 Beneficiaries

Partner: HF


Summer kit in Eastern Ghouta

In a new initiative in 2016, Ghiras Al-Nahda in partnership with ADALAH and IMAR SHAM organizations and Duma charity carried out in-kind distribution for clothes in Eastern Douma to achieve human dignity, where they contracted with the best knitting workshops in terms of quality and price and gave vulnerable families purchase cards that allows them to come to the store and choose what they need for their kids. The project helped preserve beneficiaries’ dignity and activating a number of knitting workshops in addition to securing job opportunities and livelihood for residents in the area.

Partner: IMAR, SHAM, Douma Charity


House Rehabilitation in Rif Damascus

In 2015 – 2016, Ghiras Al-Nahda did rehabilitation for houses that were damaged due to shelling or hard weather, where they rehabilitated 451 damaged houses.

  • 451 Houses