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Who We Are

Ghiras Al-Nahda is a Nonprofit Non-governmental humanitarian organization working to empower people through fulfilling their basic needs and seeking to improve Syrian community stability and resilience. 

Ghiras Al-Nahda started its humanitarian efforts in October 2011 via a team of volunteers, it was legally registered in United States of America on November 6, 2020, under: GHIRAS ALNAHDA US NFP

Registration No: CP 575 E



Forced Displacement of Syrians and increasing humanitarian needs for host communities and IDPs.

The limited access to education in Syria, the damage and destruction of schools infrastructure and Children dropping out of schools

The destroyed infrastructure of residential buildings and service facilities

Challenges facing vulnerable groups in the community including women, children and people with disability

The deteriorating economic situation of the displaced and refugees and its impact on unemployment and lack of job opportunities.

Our Vision

Secure a decent life for Syrians and empowering them to lift the Syrian community

Our Mission

Independent non-profit, non-political organization that provides humanitarian aid for Syrians neutrally, without any discrimination and seeks to empower people through fulfilling their basic needs.

Our Values


Our main goal is to protect human lives and dignity therefore we respond to humanitarian needs wherever they are


We aim for the higher level of perfection in our work, that’s why we develop policies, coordination mechanisms, annual and monthly implementation plans


We implement our projects and activities through our field team, the value of our honesty is highlighted through our good reputation which we gained through years of work in the humanitarian sector

Engagement and Participation

We strive to engage all actors in humanitarian work as we seek to exchange experiences to serve the community, whether from team members, donors, beneficiaries, partners and other organizations


The incoming money for the organization is traced with transparency before donors, partners, staff, and government through accurate financial audit and procedures to ensure up to date financial reports that can be acquired when needed, in addition to our governance structure which allow accountability for members who violate organization values

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