Winter Campaign 8 - Housing & Warmth

In the light of the difficult conditions that the displaced civilians face in northwestern Syria, and with nine years of the ongoing war, it was a humanitarian duty to contribute to reducing the adversity that the affected endure. Accordingly, Ghiras Al-Nahda (GAN) in cooperation with BINAA Organization has launched Winter Campaign (8) for 2020 -2021. We seek to alleviate people suffering in northern Syria and try to help avoid, in one way or another, the disasters resulting from harsh weather in winter that causes floods, camp sinking, falling down of tents, and death of dozens of children and the elderly. Actually, the purpose of this campaign is to secure alternative housing that preserves human dignity and life, in addition to providing heating supplies and winter clothing for children.

The most important characteristic of Winter Campaign 8 is offering a sustainable solution to achieve decent and safe housing for families in northern Syria.

  • The area of the residential unit is 36 square meters. Each house consists of two rooms with its utilities; a bathroom and a separate kitchen. this unit would be sufficient for a family of five.
  • Concrete roof (i.e. cement, not metal panels or nylon) in addition to the installation of electricity, water, and sanitation.
  • The location of the complex is close to services such as markets, main roads, and other facilities.


  • Campaign launch date: 01-11-2020 01-11-2020
  • Ending date: 01-03-2021
  • Implementation area: Idlib countryside camps – Syria
  • Number of beneficiaries of previous winter campaigns: 746,061 people
  • Previous campaigns implementation amount: $ 2,481,446.
Item Price of the unit Times of implementation No. of beneficiaries
Heating Items (diesel – firewood – Olive–Pit biomass ( Pomace ) – charcoal)


Enough for a family for a month

3 500 families
Clothing ( woolen hat – coat – winter boot) 6$ 1 1500 children
Housing unit


Ten shares is the value of the entire housing unit

1 50 initially

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