Winter & Siege

Relief campaign that aims to secure the heating requirements in the winter for the poor, besieged and displaced families in Damascus and its countryside.

The campaign is launched through November and continued till the end of February of each year. It includes a bunch of relief programs.

The programs are aimed to provide winter needs with some food items to the vulnerable. The items are marketed in accordance to bundles after conducting several studies on prices and costs in different regions of Damascus countryside in order to determine the average price, and develop a plan of delivery, implementation and documentation.


 Previous Campaigns:
- Winter & Siege Campaign 1
- 2013-2014: support //$ 499.174//, Beneficiaries: more than //54,585// people.

- Winter & Siege Campaign 2- 2014-2015: support //$ 730.078//, Beneficiaries: more than //229,500// people.

- Winter & Siege Campaign 3- 2015-2016: support //$ 884,667//, Beneficiaries: //198,745// people and //38,794// children.

المبلغ المستهدف: 
500,000 $
Sunday, November 1, 2015