Pen and hope Campaign

Syria has become a perilous place for all civilians, but the risk of losing a generation is the top concern. It grows with every day that the situation deteriorates.

It is absolutely shameful that the obligation to protect schools is not being respected in this conflict and the long-term war in Syria, endangering the lives of innocent children and dedicated teachers.

  It is catastrophic that millions of Syrian children have not had access to education since war broke out.

 Ghiras Al-Nahda could have found a way to change…! Supplying teachers and children in order enable them cope with the pain and fears they endure, rebuild new Syria and achieve their legitimate ambitions.


 Objectives of Pen and hope Campaign:

1. Provision of stationery and school supplies for students in Damascus and its countryside, at the beginning of school year.

2.  Provision of monthly salaries for teachers and administrative staff in schools during the school year in order to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

3. Highlighting the miserable situation of educational sector in Syria and in the besieged areas of Damascus countryside in specific.


Bundles of Pen and hope Campaign:

The first bundle:


 Distribution of set of stationery that would be enough for the whole school year to all students.

The second bundle:

  Builders of generations:  

 Provision of salaries for teachers and administrative staff at schools of Damascus Countryside monthly.


Previous Campaigns:

Pen & Hope 1 /2013/ Support: //$ 27,833//, Beneficiaries: //7,730// persons.

Pen & Hope 2 /2014/ Support: //$ 13,675//, Beneficiaries: //3,349// students + Renovation of two schools.

Pen & Hope 3 /2015/ Support: //$ 16,000//, Beneficiaries: //4,000// students.

Thursday, September 3, 2015