Eid with Joy

At Eid Fitr occasion, Ghiras Al-Nahda launches ” joy with Eid campaign” that includes celebration for children in various areas of Damascus countryside and Arsal. In addition, activities and games by delegates of Ghiras Al-Nahda organize  for children and they distribute gifts and new clothes for them in order to bring them happiness and prove that there is still hope despite dominance of the specter of war and death in Syria.   

Objectives of Joy with Eid Campaign:

- Provide gifts and pocket money for children in Damascus countryside.

- Hold a party at Eid al-Fitr occasion.

- Entertain children and help them forget their fears and pain for a while.

- Highlight slow and silent assault committed on children in this abominable war and      how they have been deprived from their legitimate rights as children.

  • Parties at Eid:  Make parties on Eid Fitr occasion.
  • Gifts of Eid: Distribution of new clothes and gifs during Eid Occasion.

Previous Campaigns:

Eid with Joy1 /2013/: Support: //$ 17.950//, Beneficiaries: //4,489// children.

Eid with Joy2 /2014/: Support: //$ 9.432//, Beneficiaries: //4,489// children.

Eid with Joy3 /2015/: Support: //$ 4,905//, Beneficiaries: //4,489// children.

Friday, July 1, 2016