Adha with Joy Campaign

((Gifts, pocket money and sacrificial)), Ghiras Al-Nahda Campaign at Adha Eid includes the slaughter of sacrificial animals in various regions of Damascus countryside and then distribution of meat to the vulnerable. In addition, gifts and new clothes are distributed to children and orphans, in specific, in order to bring joy to them and help them somewhat overcome crises.

 Ghiras Al-Nahda team conducts several studies on costs and prices of sacrificial animals according to the circumstances and the possibility of implementation in each region.  However, it should be taken into account the exchange rates and the costs of transfer.  Prices of sheep and calves would be determined in the besieged and non-besieged areas in order to acghieve the required perfection as far as possible.

Objectives of Adha with Joy campaign:

1.  Provision of sacrificial animals to the residents within Damascus and its countryside and within the besieged regions.

2. Provision of new clothes for children and celebrate the occasion of Eid in order to delight kids and prove that there is still hope despite dominance of the specter of war and death in Syria. 


Bundles of Adha with Joy Campaign:

-  Your Sacrifice; Qurban to your Brothers in Syria:

Purchase, slaughter and Backing then distribution of sacrificial animals on the residents and vulnerable in besieged areas where Ghiras Al-Nahda team is working.

-   Celebration at the occasion of Eid :

   A celebration with distribution of gifts to children is being done during the occasion of Adha.

- Eid Clothing:

   Distribution of new clothes to children before or during Adha Eid.


Previous Campaigns:

 -  Adha with Joy 1 /2013/, Support: //$ 35,000//, Beneficiaries: //56.000// persons.

 -  Adha with Joy 2 /2014/, Support: //$ 114.909//, Beneficiaries: //40.000// persons.

 -  Adha with Joy 3 /2015/, Support: //$ 150.952// , Beneficiaries: //58.560//  persons And 365 children.

 -  Adha with Joy 4 /2016/, Support: //$ 126,892// , Beneficiaries: //12,601//  persons And 194 children.

Monday, September 21, 2015