• Winter & Siege

    Relief campaign that aims to secure the heating requirements in the winter for the poor, besieged and displaced families in Damascus and its countryside.

  • Ghiras Ramadan

    Relief campaign that provides, both in cash and in kind aids to the vulnerable in various regions of Damascus and its countryside.

  • Eid with Joy

    At Eid Fitr occasion, Ghiras Al-Nahda launches ” joy with Eid campaign” that includes celebration for children in various areas of Damascus countryside and Arsal.

  • Adha with Joy Campaign

    ((Gifts, pocket money and sacrificial)), Ghiras Al-Nahda Campaign at Adha Eid includes the slaughter of sacrificial animals in various regions of Damascus countryside and then distribution of meat...

  • Pen and hope Campaign

    Syria has become a perilous place for all civilians, but the risk of losing a generation is the top concern. It grows with every day that the situation deteriorates.