Ghiras Al-Nahda launches "Ghiras Ramadan 4" Campaign


Ghiras Al-Nahda launches "Ghiras Ramadan 4" Campaign

Since Ramadan, the month of goodness, virtue and charity, is coming soon and hundreds of Syrians are still trying to survive despite siege, destruction and unaffordable prices ,Ghiras Al-Nahda launches the fourth campaign of "Ghiras Ramadan  " for supporting and helping people in besieged areas. ...

Your Contribution would definitely help the displaced and the affected, your brothers in humanuity.

  Ghiras Ramadan is your chance ..!!  You will be rewarded in Heavens due to  your contribution on Earth. " AS YOU SOW ,YOU WILL REAP”

Bundles of the campaign :

Ramadan Basket: $ 25 .enough for a family of five members

2. Breakfast for 10 fasting people: $ 15 in Damascus countryside, and $ 25 in Arsal

3. Sponsorship of one family during Ramadan: $ 150

  Donation through this campaign ((Ghiras Ramadan 4)) via the following  

 PayPal, via the link:

The purpose of the donation should be indicated in the note below, or it would be considered open support for programs of Grass Al-Nahda.

2- You can donate through official bank accounts of the organization.

- Please indicate the name of the campaign or program, then the name of the bundle and the value of donation and details, within the Swift conversion, and send a copy of the conversion notification with the previous information   to the e-mail address:

  [email protected]
The first bank account of the organization

Ziraat Bankasi - Degirmicem / GAZIANTEP Subesi

Account name: Fidan Dernegi

Branch code: 1904 swift code: TCZBTR2A


USD: US dollar conversion:

Account No. 70609145 5002

IBAN: TR26 0001 0019 0470 6091 4550 02


Euro: Euro conversion:

Account No. 70609145 5003

IBAN: TR96 0001 0019 0470 6091 4550 03


TL: Turkish lira conversion:

Account No. 70609145 5001

IBAN: TR53 0001 0019 0470 6091 4550 01


The second bank account:

BANK NAME: KuveytTürkKatılımBankası A.Ş.

Account Owner: FIDAN DERNEGI

Account Number: 91225108

Branch Code: 35

Account Branch: Gaziantep Şube

swiftcode: kteftris


USD: US dollar conversion:

IBAN: TR84 0020 5000 0912 2510 8001 01


Euro: Euro conversion:

IBAN: TR57 0020 5000 0912 2510 8001 02


TL: Turkish lira conversion:

IBAN: TR68 0020 5000 0912 2510 8000 01


- After we receive the payment, we can provide the donor of cash receipt and a document proving non-profit bank accounts, for an exemption from taxes.