Ghiras Al-Nahda Work areas
South of Damascus
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About Us

  • Mission

    A humanitarian developmental foundation that works starting from Damascus and its countryside for the advancement of people through performing developmental, relief and intellectual projects in cooperation with its skilful and experienced team and partners in Syria.

  • Vision

    Promote higher conditions of economic, social, cultural and educational progress and development for the whole nation.

  • Goals:

    1. Support relief, service, technical, medical and developmental projects in Damascus and its countryside.
    2. Activate all teams and spread the culture of volunteerism, production and teamwork through systematic work mechanism and fixed rules.
    3. Cooperate with the local council in Damascus and its countryside to implement projects.
    1.Activate the culture of production through doing small projects that provide new job opportunities.
    2. Promote people’s advancement intellectually and scientifically to build the core of the nation’s renaissance.
    3. Improve the scientific and intellectual level of the society by encouraging and supporting intellectual and developmental projects..

  • Food Security

    Provision of food needs through relief programs and projects to maintain food security in Damascus and its countryside.

  • Shelter and Non-Food Items

    Provision of basic necessities of life for the displaced and the affected through securing non-food humanitarian needs in addition to implementation of productive projects that could help them earn a decent living.


    Support of Education Sector and provision of supplies and equipment in order to resume learning at schools, and put an end to ignorance that has spread due to the outbreak of the conflict.

    Micro Projects

    Micro productive projects, the family is provided with capital or equipment and supplies in order to start with a small project, thus the family could achieve fairly self-sufficiency and the breadwinner would rather ensure a source of livelihood for his family.

    Supporting Scientific Research

    Encourage youth initiatives by providing supplies and equipment for the young to implement their innovative ideas that aim at finding alternative, scientific and practical solutions, in order to compensate lack of most basic means of life.

    Current Campaign

    To prevent the tragedy from happening again, Get ahead! Frost is creeping.